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Analysis of the reasons for the poor size of silica gel products
- Apr 02, 2018 -

In the process of production of silica gel, there may be a large or small product in the production process, resulting in a different product size, which seriously affects the quality of the silicone product. What causes the above problems in the process of silica gel production?

One, mold temperature: high molding temperature will accelerate the vulcanization of silica gel products, resulting in the flow performance of silica gel products in the molding die, resulting in small size and thickness of silica gel products.


when the molding temperature is too low, the size of the silicone product is too large and the thickness is thin.

Two, pressure: resulting in poor product key load, resulting in poor size of ice gel products.


1. When molding pressure is too high, the size of silica gel product is too long.

2, when the pressure is too low, the size of silica gel products is smaller and the thickness is thicker.

3, the molding material weight: silicon emissions too much glue, resulting in silica gel ice products bubble (Bao Feng), silica gel key load is high, poor, resulting in silicon.

The size of the rubber products is large.