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Can silicone pads go to the oven?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

For convenience, you might want to put the silicone pad directly into the oven for convenience. Recently, it's been found that the editor's discovery that "silica gel pads can go into the oven" has always been a matter of great concern to everyone.

Silica gel pads belong to silicone products, made of silica gel, do not know whether you have access to the Internet access to silica gel performance, if not, you can click to view the variety of the characteristics of silica gel articles to understand this article! From the performance of silica gel, the silica gel under normal conditions can withstand temperature 260 degrees Celsius, silica gel is not compared to plastic, in fact, a lot of silica gel is closer to the glass, this is not quite clear to many friends, in normal circumstances, the silica gel pad can be directly put into the oven, but the temperature is not more than 210 degrees, if it was bought back of the silicone mat, the first time When you put it in the oven, you can bake for about 10 minutes to taste, one is because in the production of silica gel pad, there will be more or less water vapor remaining in the silica gel pad, and the first air roast can evaporate the water molecules in the silica gel pad! The two reason is that some manufacturers do not do well in the two desulphurization to save energy or labor, and they can be used normally after empty baking.