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How to improve the vulcanization speed of silicone rubber products?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Silicone rubber vulcanization refers to the process of chemical crosslinking of silicone rubber without vulcanized silicone rubber under the conditions of curing time, temperature and pressure. Many manufacturers would like to think of how to improve the vulcanization rate, shorten the molding time, improve the production efficiency and reduce the production cost, without affecting the quality of the products.

1, the dosage of the vulcanizing agent added in the silica gel material and the rapid vulcanizing agent can be appropriately added to speed up the vulcanization speed and shorten the molding time.

2, we can appropriately improve the curing temperature when molding, but the structure of general products will be different, so the specific temperature needs to be decided by experiment.

3, change the exhaust number and exhaust stroke. According to common sense, the larger the exhaust stroke is, the better the exhaust time will be. But actually, this is not the case. We need to decide on the structure of products. Some silica gel products have larger exhaust stroke, but bubbles will appear.

4, molding operators speed up the operation speed and minimize the time outside the mold, so as to stabilize the mold temperature of silicone products and improve the curing speed of silicone products.

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