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Silica gel pads to prevent oil pollution
- Apr 02, 2018 -

This is an age of looking at the face! The value of household products determines the success or failure of the whole family outfit. And the weight of table in home decoration is quite high. Besides a family's daily meals, no meal will be seen, but it's the most natural way to get a sight from relatives and friends. Some people say that it is not easy, when equipped with a home improvement and overall style harmony beautiful table is not it?

Of course! However, it will not be good for a beautiful table to keep in good shape, not to mention Yan value.

After dinner, the table is always a mess: here is a water stain, there is a little oil pollution, scattered scattered food everywhere. The key is that no matter what material desktop, and food, water and oil on the top, it is particularly difficult to clean. Washing oil on the table is a disaster in winter. Even if the industrious housewives wiped and cleaned them, they cleaned up again and again. Before long, the table was still oily, that is, it had beautiful appearance and felt sticky. Glass, marble is good, if it is a bamboo and wood desktop, these oil will still be permeated, to clean up, it is probably only a woodworker with a few layers of planer! The problem of table maintenance simply drives the clean housewives crazy.

To protect the table, the housewife is out of the way!

Where there is oppression, where there is resistance! Smart housewives came up with the best way to deal with oil pollution and protect the table. That's to add a tablecloth on the table, to fill it up at meal time, and to remove it after meal.  Never worry about annoying stains against the appearance of table. However, housewives also found that tablecloth also had many shortcomings. For example, the cloth quality tablecloth, there will be leakage, the tablecloth itself difficult to clean, washing and basking in the year down the workload is also very good, and the tablecloth is so large, cleaning is not easy; the plastic tablecloth itself is greasy poor cleaning, durable, easy to break. Not high temperature, hot tableware will be perm. Poor material will bring harmful substances to the body. Not to mention the plastic material is not a bit environmentally friendly. What should I do? Should the housewives have no way to do it?

The hardworking housewives need not despair. Kotel's silicone pad is made of food grade silicone, which is healthy and safe. It can be directly contacted with food, and tableware, bread and other foods are directly placed on the clean food mat. The key is silicone pad, oil barrier, water insulation, heat insulation, perfect protection of desktop, and silica gel pads do not adhere to oil pollution, and easy to clean. A little dripping and washing can be cleaned in water, and if oil is less, it can be washed away with clean water. The size of silicone pads can be customized according to needs. After dinner, they can be cleaned together with tableware and cleaned together. There are dishwashers at home, and you can put them in the dishwasher. It is easy to dry, easy to store and dry, and can be folded or reel to store in the kitchen cabinet. Silica gel pad is durable and does not breed bacteria. When using it, it is possible to use a food mat for ten or eight years while avoiding cutting with sharp tools.