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Silicone tableware become the new age kitchen tableware trend!
- Apr 02, 2018 -

If you buy a beautiful set of houses, when all the furniture and electrical appliances have been purchased, do you think of the kitchen utensils that you get along with every day? Are these tableware safe? Are these tableware durable? What's the function of these tableware besides satisfying the function of cooking stir fry? What's the function of the tableware, and what's the pleasure of your life? Silicone tableware solves everything for you!

Silica gel kitchenware features:

1., it is suitable for microwave oven, oven, cold storage, steaming stove, dishwasher and so on.

2., high temperature resistance. It can withstand high temperature and heat resistance from -50 C to 300 degree C.

3. easy to clean; can be used in dishwasher

4. foldable, easy to collect, convenient and quick

5., high flexibility and no sticky bottom. It is easier to mold when cooking cake.

6. antiskid, antirust and water seepage prevention

7. non-toxic, tasteless, durable, environmental protection

8., the product is novel in design, beautiful in appearance and bright in color.

Silicone tableware is now more and more popular! The safety of silicone tableware is also concerned by people.