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The basic common sense of silica gel baking!
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Characteristics and main points of use of silica gel die:

Silicone mold benefit is anti adhesion, easy demoulding, heat to 260 degrees Celsius, can do frozen ice cream cold products. Can withstand the instantaneous temperature change. The mold can be moved directly from the fridge to the oven. If the silicone mold is of good quality, it will be used for about 200 times.

The main points are as follows:

1. after each use, add a little wash clean with hot water. Do not use a corrosive detergent or foam cleaning to ensure that the silicone mold can be thoroughly dried before and before each use.

2. must not let the mold dry. For example, if a six Lian mold is only filled with three, the other three must be filled with clear water, otherwise the empty mold will be roasted and the service life will be reduced.

3., in order to make baking products achieve the best baking effect, we can smear a small amount of anti stick baking oil on the surface of silicone rubber in advance.

The characteristics of the paper mould and the main points of use:

The paper mold is not a drinking water paper cup used in the home, but a high temperature baking paper cup, usually used in making small cupcakes, small sponge cakes and Ma cake.  Paper moulds are of various appearance and are easy to carry and clean. The paper film with good quality will not scorch and stench, and it has anti sticking effect.

Generally speaking, the paper membrane is divided into two major categories. One kind is hard paper film: paper is thick, paper cup can be used alone, the other is soft paper film: paper is thin, it is semitransparent, can not be used alone, it must be put in iron mould or silica gel mold, otherwise the paste will flow out because the paper cup is too thin.