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What are the advantages of silica gel accessories
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The products are made up of main parts and accessories. Silica gel accessories may be the most needed in silicone products. It is used widely, such as sealing and damping components, electronic buffer parts, silica gel gaskets, vacuum suction bowl, etc., with the popularity of silica gel accessories, according to the statistics, 70% of the products produced by a company are the cooperation of silicone accessories.

As we all know, small accessories play a great role. Silicone accessories are the main body to play a more perfect role in the product's main body. Silica gel accessories have aseismic, high sealing, heat insulation, flame retardant, environmental safety and so on as many as more than 100 advantages, which are not well understood?

The first explanation is the seismic buffer and the sealing advantage. It has been the most widely used features of silicone products, such as vacuum suction bowl, submersible mirror accessories shock absorber, and other materials have obvious advantages. The above advantages and the overwhelming majority of the merchants are fond of it and combine with other advantages. The effect of heat insulation and heat insulation is good, environmental safety and innocuous innocuity has been the goal that people want to achieve. It is mainly used for automobile flame retardant and insulation accessories and home temperature resistant products. Silica gel accessories have strong wear resistance, soft, comfortable and elastic, and are insulated and waterproof. It is a necessary medicine. It is mainly used for the production of silica gel key, silica gel pad, massage accessories, daily necessities and accessories, etc.