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What are the reasons for the aging of silicone products?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Product performance is superior, non-toxic and tasteless, high and low temperature. It is sure to be associated with silicone products, all aspects of the performance is so superior? To silicone products, excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, safety, transparency, high strength, flame retardancy and other characteristics, but some products and the use of environmental factors, users in the long term after the use of It will grow old. What are the causes of aging of silicone products?

First of all, there are many reasons for the aging of silicone products, although the material performance is good, but the time of aging in different fields is different for a long time. There are some aging phenomena in the application of high temperature. If a few years do not change in time, there will be a crack. When the temperature reaches a certain height in the industrial manufacturing, the silica gel parts will increase oxygen diffusion. The effect is to accelerate the oxidation of silicone rubber, which is also one of the common thermal effects of the silicone rubber, which is one of the common phenomena of the deformation aging of the silicone rubber. Therefore, it should be kept in the process of using the climate temperature modulation for a long time, appropriate sprinkler cooling and so on.

There are also many chemical reactions, such as ozone, ozone not only affects the aging of silica gel, but also affects all aspects of human air. For silicone products, ozone is in humid climate and environmental problems and has a greater impact on silicone products. In that environment, the long-term placement of the environment will lead to a direct senescence of silica gel material, and oxygen is used for silicone rubber. When associated reaction occurs, it will also change the performance and performance of silicone rubber, and so on, which is also an important reason for the aging of silicone rubber.