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Can The Silica Gel Be Used In This Way?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The weather is hot, and no appetite Zezheng? So... It's really good to make cool and delicious with ice cream. Yes, the main tool is the ice that you used to throw into the unknown corner in summer, sometimes used for frozen ice. I want to tell you, don't think that ice is really frozen, ice and ice is out. Fruit chocolate: strawberry or any fruit you like, cut it into the ice bar, then add melted chocolate and freeze it. The end of the ice is all kinds of fruit chocolate.

Fruit yogurt ice, ready yogurt, all kinds of fruit and fruit. First add yogurt, then divide it into different juice and pulp, and finally freeze these delicious fruits and yogurt ice. Ice coffee: pour the soaked coffee into the ice, freeze out the ice, and then cool it quickly in the fresh coffee, or make the ice coffee more delicious. Dried flower ice: put all kinds of dried flowers into ice grid, add water to freeze, make all kinds of dried flower ice, beautiful and delicious. Pomegranate ice: cut a small mouth of pomegranate seed, add water into the ice lattice and freeze it. Juice ice: prepare all kinds of favorite fruit juice and drink, put it into ice cube and make ice.

Chocolate milk: the melted chocolate is put into the ice shelf, frozen directly and added to the milk, so that it can instantly become chocolate milk. Ice cream milk: you like to eat ice cream, freeze it into ice, and add it into milk to become ice cream flavored milk. Colorful ice: ice made with edible pigment powder, add in a variety of drinks is beauty to cry. Fruit ice: prepare all kinds of cut fruit, meat and fruit juice, add them to the ice-cream, freeze them into fruit ice and add them to the beverage. Coconut milk and sand ice: directly pour the coconut water or coconut milk into the ice and freeze it, use it to sands the ice, go with the water or eat it directly. It is healthy and delicious.

As the saying goes, there are three treasures in summer: refrigerators, air conditioners, and cold drinks. Going out with a hot air, the first thing to do is to open the fridge and have a cool drink. It's like having the illusion of the whole world. Cold storage mineral water is a must for the rough man, living fine, and a cup of boiled water can also play tricks. Drink the drink also need high interest and taste of ice, with the principle of frugality, the full use of good refrigerators, eliminate the powerful weapons of heat, ice. In summer, hot and tasty ice is poured into bubbles. The dog days of continuous high temperature, all can be frozen into the ice, enjoy the cool.