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Common Problems In The Use Of Silica Gel Cake Mold
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Silica gel cake mold, I believe that you are not strange to this mold, the molding of silica gel cake mold is very novel, small and cute, not only can make delicious cake, but also can make pizza, bread, fruit jelly, chocolate and so on. It is hard to avoid some problems when using silica cake mold.

1. wash the baking tray.

It is safe to clean or use a dishwasher in warm water with soap in the warm water of the soap.

2. microwave ovens.

You can directly put the baking tray directly in the middle of your microwave oven or on the turntable.

3. cooling time.

The cooling time is very short after the baking tray is moved out of the oven.

4. the problem of the deformation of the baking tray.

Because it is a kind of silica gel products, it can quickly change back to the original shape after bending.

5. chiller cooking.

Silica gel baking mold is very good for refrigeration, such as jelly, ice cream and frozen sweet food.

6. in the oven.

The cake on the baking tray from the oven so easily placed and mobile. Make sure that the baking time on the baking tray is slightly shorter than the metal baking tray. It has been followed by the cooking usage of the oil on the chassis. After the grill is removed from the oven, the roast die is allowed to be removed before the roast is completely cooled. The baking tray takes about two minutes to cool before it touches. When the cake or muffin is removed from the baking pan, turn it back and concentrate on the chassis.

Although the silicone cake mold has the advantages of easy cleaning, non-toxic and tasteless. But in the cleaning still should pay attention to the method, after all, people are not perfect, things are not finished, the same reason, improper cleaning, will bring some damage to the silicone cake mold. Attention to maintenance and use, silica gel cake mold can be used for a long time.