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How To Teach You How To Identify Pirated Silica Gel Pads
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The genuine silicone gasket is a non-toxic and tasteless product. It has good texture and will not cause harm to the human body. However, pirated silica gel gaskets usually have a certain noxious odor, and the texture is relatively rough, and long-term use may cause harm to the human body.

We can identify the difference between genuine and piracy from two aspects: hand feeling and flame burning.

As far as the feeling is concerned, the silicone gasket is very good in toughness and elasticity, and will not be permanently deformed under the effect of external force, and the feel will feel smooth. Pirated silicone gaskets are just the opposite. They are easy to deform and feel rough.

Two, distinguish the true and false of silica gel from the way of flame burning. The pirated silica gel gasket will appear black in the burning, and the residue is black powder, and with a certain smell of nose, the white smog will appear and the residue is white powder when the silica gel gasket is burned.