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The Effect Of Silica Gel Kitchenware Resistant To High Temperature And Fear
- Apr 02, 2018 -

With the development of the times, silica gel kitchen has its unique advantages, and the silicone kitchen utensils have been widely used in foreign countries, but the domestic market has not been widely used. Many users have a lot of disintegration of silica gel kitchenware. The characteristics of silica gel kitchenware are explained below, the safety, innocuity, tasteless, healthy and environmentally friendly household kitchenware, with various colors, high temperature resistance, no beat, easy cleaning and anti old. The unique advantages such as chemistry and so on.

Why are silica gel kitchenware resistant to high temperature and fall?

Because the silicone products use "food grade FDA, LFGB" as the standard special silica gel as the raw material, through molding or packing, it is a new type of kitchen utensils which are transformed from hardware, plastic and other materials.  With its unique environmental protection, stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, soft, antifouling, dirty, non - dip and other superior performance, it stands out in the kitchen utensils of many materials.

There are two kinds of silica gel kitchenware: one is pure silica gel kitchenware, the other is silica gel kitchenware. The so-called pure silica kitchenware is made of silica gel. The main contents of the silica gel kitchenware are hardware package, plastic and silica gel kitchenware. Pure silica gel material, using the advantages of silica gel material itself to play its characteristics directly in the kitchen operation, adhesive silica gel kitchenware, but using the characteristics of silica gel materials to assist other tools to protect the indirect convenient kitchen operation.