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The Use Method And Advantages Of Silica Gel Drying Mold
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Silicone products are becoming more and more common, a variety of silicone products, the first use of silica gel equipment baking time is a bit worried, later gradually used more, it also has a deeper understanding of it, only to find that their own worries are unnecessary, now often like to use these silicone appliances to do things, looking at colorful colors and some lovely molds, baking, baking. The mood is better! The advantage of using silicone tools is that stripping is easier and cleaning is no bother at all.

The methods are as follows:

1. the first use of silica gel baking mold should be cleaned with warm water and a few neutral cleaners, then roasted into the oven empty, the first air roast will appear a small amount of smoke and odor, after the air roasted to the end of the cooling, then a cleaning side can be used.

2., after each use, rinse with hot water (diluted food cleanser) or put it in the dishwasher, do not use the abrasive cleaning agent or foam cleaning. Make sure that the silicone mold has been completely dried before and after each use.

3. do not let the silicone mold dry. For example, a six mode, you just filled with 3 modules, 3 modules must be installed on another in the water. Otherwise, the mold will be roasted and the service life will be reduced.

Silicone mold is also superior to other materials. Cleaning is convenient because soft material can create more new molds.