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What Aspects Should We Pay Attention To When Making Silica Gel Products?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

With the rapid development of the times, customization has become the trend of market consumption. For example, custom clothing, customized silicone gifts, custom-made private travel routes, and so on, these customized services are also very consistent with the modern people's fast pace of life work. Now I would like to share with you what details we need to pay attention to when we customize a silicone product, so as to avoid unnecessary mistakes in the development process.

If you want to customize a silica gel button, first customers have to provide 3 D map or sample. The engineer will review the customer's drawings. If the customer does not have a picture file and no samples, we can help the guests to draw the drawings free of charge. On the premise of not affecting the function and structure of the customer's product, the senior engineer will provide the customer with a better plan for the customer's drawings, which not only improves the production capacity, but also reduces the cost for the customer.

After the above steps are completed, the next is to open the sample mold, and first produce the specifications and quality of the sample products. The die is usually made up of the female die and the male die. According to the different product structure, some molds may have a mold core. The mold material is now produced by domestic P20 steel. The mould used by our company is steel, the requirement for detail is very strict, and the steel mould is also divided into finishing and rough machining. The silica gel products produced by rough silicon mold directly affect the appearance and feel of the product. The difference between finish machining and rough machining is that the length of mold is processed in CNC, which results in different prices. The choice of molds is mainly based on the needs of customers' own products.

The process of production process is: refining, molding, self dismantling, grinding, grinding, injection, reinspection, packaging, and so on. According to the different technological requirements of each silicone product, the corresponding process flow is different. Sheng Zhou industry has a complete internal production line, and all quality control is within the controllable range. Moreover, every process is strictly operated according to the standard of Engineering confirmation. The completion of every process is checked by quality inspectors, so that layers of circulation are all good products. The details of these production sites are all the criteria for customers to choose suppliers.